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(sóshél - bútter flí)

These social butterflies are very pack oriented and hospitable. They bond easily with their families, whether it includes humans, other dogs or even CATS! Because of this trait they are not to be left alone for long periods of time. They crave and require the companionship of other animals and/or humans. If left to their own devices with nothing around to occupy themselves they can sometimes be quite destructive and vocal. Even in pairs they seem to crave mischief. First the howling begins or an escape route excavation begins or worse yet something you really liked or use daily is destroyed. For example an overturned trashcan can turn your house into the county landfill in a matter of seconds. After all, they have to pick through the trash to get to the "good" stuff, then after the "feast" they like to run through the house with what remains, so you can't tell where the trail began! Below are some examples from very bored Siberians:)

We are not saying that Siberians can't live happily as "only children", there are plenty out there that love to be the one and only spoiled Siberian! Nor are we saying that Siberians can only live happy lives in homes where someone is home 24/7. In this day and age we WISH we could do that! If you are a willing Siberian owner there is ALWAYS a way. While you are out working you can easily curb a bored Siberian by using a strong crate.

Now some people think a crate is a dog prison or doggie jail. This is not the case. When used properly a crate can be a safe place or den for the Siberian. Siberians are denning animals by nature and look for the close and confined security that a crate can give them. It also can protect them from chewing on wires and other unsafe items and hurting themselves. Have you ever noticed how your Sibe sleeps under your computer desk or coffee table or under the bed? Now what does that remind you of? Still can't guess? Try picturing a gate on it? Give up? A crate!

Keno is trying to figure out how much trouble he will get into if he shreds the books in the bookcase, Hmmmm.... better not chance it!

This bed has been declared a "girls only" zone! Sorry Dad, but hey if you stack all our beds together I am sure you will be comfy!

It's a herd of huskies .... down on the farm..Mooo..err I mean Woooooo!

This was once a wall, until a Sibe got bored.

Nikita, Chloe, Sasha, MacKenzie and Zoe think Dad took the crate look a little too far.

Timber and Dakota pose for a picture... hoping Mom and Dad won't notice the mayhem behind them.

Kodi enjoys playtime with his baby brother!

This Sibe loves to ride the coasters with his human companion!

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We are in desperate need of Foster homes to help save more Siberians from neglect, abuse, abandonment and illness. We can not save these precious fur balls without your help. If you can open your heart and home to just one fur ball you can make a difference! By becoming a Foster you are not only saving a life, you are helping give a Siberian a chance at a new home...a new life! Can you look into this fur babies eyes and not want to help? Click HERE to find out more!

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