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Siberian Huskies are Nomads by nature. Their ability to cover 50-60 miles in a single day, coupled with the fact they are excellent escape artists (see Houdini-ism), makes it EXTREMELY important that your Siberian is always confined indoors, in a kennel or on a leash. Siberians have no fear of cars honking their horns and will willingly go up to any stranger (after all, a stranger is just a friend they have yet to meet). Because of their nomadic tendencies they could easily get hurt, starve or worse.

If you own a Siberian you SHOULD have them microchipped. This latest technology can bring your pet home to you. Take it from a rescue who knows, one or our adopted dogs got loose from his owner, but because we chip all our rescue dogs, he was returned to his owner quickly. The amazing thing was he was found 4 COUNTIES NORTH of his owner’s home, a month later, without his collar or tags. Siberians can easily adjust to a new environment, so if your Siberian is found wandering without a microchip or tags (tags can easily fall off when snagged on a branch or fence), he/she can easily adjust to a new family. This leaves his/her old family heartbroken and always wondering where their baby is. So protect your Siberian, or any pet, with a microchip!

Siberians are as much wanderers as they are beautiful. Because this breed has two tendencies that, coupled together, make for a dangerous combination, it is important to never let your guard down for a second. Security is the number one priority for any Siberian owner and security measures must be updated regularly, as their highly intelligent Siberian will eventually figure them out. If you cannot keep your home secure from escapement, keeping your fur baby inside in a crate when not home is NOT cruel but sometimes necessary to keep them safe. Never underestimate your older Siberian. No matter how old they are, they can still escape as easily as if they were 1 year old, only this time they have the wisdom to do it quicker and without your knowledge.

Remember to always keep a leash on your Siberian when out of your home or yard. We do NOT recommend a flexi lead for this breed. Also never use the black plastic clip collars, as a Siberian can easily break these. The best collar is a leather or nylon limited slip choke collar (sometimes called a martingale collar). When properly adjusted these can be pulled snug for control purposes without actually choking the dog and yet will not slip over the dogs head if they try to back out of it.

Siberians are not the breed for everyone, but for those of us who own one .... we would not change them for the world!

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We are in desperate need of Foster homes to help save more Siberians from neglect, abuse, abandonment and illness. We can not save these precious fur balls without your help. If you can open your heart and home to just one fur ball you can make a difference! By becoming a Foster you are not only saving a life, you are helping give a Siberian a chance at a new home...a new life! Can you look into this fur babies eyes and not want to help? Click HERE to find out more!

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