Before filling out this volunteer application please note:

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida is a statewide, all volunteer organization. No one gets paid for any of their volunteer work.

We also are NOT a shelter where we take in dogs and house them in a facility until they are adopted. We have no facility. Almost all our dogs are housed in foster homes belonging to our volunteers who also act as foster owners. On occasion, when we have no available foster homes, we will pay to have dogs boarded at various facilities around the state but that is an expensive proposition and usable only for very temporary housing.

Bear in mind that when you volunteer to help us save Huskies you are volunteering for various types of actual work, not occasionally showing up at a shelter to play with or walk dogs. A short list of the types of volunteer work we have are:

If you understand these conditions and think you can make the time and effort to become one of our volunteers you will get to experience some VERY rewarding work. Helping (and owning, if it ever gets to that) Siberian Huskies will bring you a surprising amount of joy and contentment. Their exuberance, loyalty, affection and penchant for high glee are contagious.

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